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At Advanced cleaning we offer a wide and varied range of services. All of our services are available to both commercial & domestic clients. We can mix and match services to tailor a package to suit you.

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Grout Cleaning

Advanced Cleaning Services know that cleaning grout can be one of the toughest jobs there is. Years of built up grime and dirt can be tough to remove. Our customers are delighted with how their bathroom, kitchen and floor tiles can be brought back to life with a professional grout cleaning. Our professional grade system removed this dirt and grime leaving them like new. Save hours of scrubbing! Call us today to book yours.

Power Washing

Advanced Cleaning Services provides washing services which covers the following:

  • Walls and Fences

  • Driveways & Concrete

  • Garden Furniture

  • Patios & Sidewalks

  • Gutter Cleaning

  • House Exteriors

  • Drain Cleaning

Steam Cleaning

We steam clean the following:

  • Ovens and hobs

  • Taps and sinks

  • Kitchen work surfaces

  • Windows Tiles

  • Floors

  • Mattresses

Window Cleaning

Our window cleaning service is available for both interiors and exteriors. This can be especially useful for first floor windows.

Floor Maintenance

Advanced Cleaning offers high standard cleaning, polishing and waxing for all floor surfaces.
Heavy traffic can cause dirt and grit to accumulate and can permanently damage and cause scratches on the floor area. We use high quality cleaning and waxing equipment to ensure that the floors are restored to their original appearance. With the correct cleaning & waxing of floors, they will maintain their shine and increase the longevity of the floors.

We provide a cleaning service for the following floor surfaces:

  • Marble

  • Slate

  • Terracotta

  • Hardwood

  • Cement

  • Vinyl Ceramic

  • Tile

We use the most up to date products and equipment to restore your floors to their natural glory.
We use High speed polishing - this gives floors a professional shine with super performance high speed floor polishing machines.
We also use waxing and sealing - this protects and buffs floors with high quality professional waxing products.

Carpet & Upholstery

Advanced Cleaning Services offer a full range of Carpet cleaning services from domestic to commercial. We have both the knowledge and experience to deal with different types of stains and soiled marks on many types and textures of carpet. Care and attention are given to use the correct chemicals and equipment with our carpet cleaning service to provide the best possible results.

Our highly trained team are fully experienced and trained in all aspects of carpet cleaning ensuring our service provides a first class finish to your carpets. Our aim is to restore your carpets to a like new appearance eliminating stains and residue build up along with unpleasant odours. The end result is cleaner, fresher and softer carpets. Advanced Cleaning Services use the best Carpet & Upholstery cleaning equipment and products, once we have had a look at what you need to clean, we will recommend the best product to suit your needs. We give your carpet & upholstery a thorough cleaning to give you the best possible results. We use a hot water extraction system or dry cleaning methods according to the fabrics.

Dust and grime can lodge in carpet and stick to the fibres. Our inbuilt stain protection allows dust to be vacuumed up and spills wiped away. Regular carpet cleaning helps to improve the air quality in your home by removing dust mites, pet hair and other bugs that live in your carpet. Consistent carpet & upholstery will have greater results to prolong the life of your furnishings.

Roofs, Gutters, Fascia & Soffit

These areas can be very hard to reach. We have all the equipment needed to get the job done safely and quickly. We suggest that you always hire a professional as these jobs can be dangerous.

Marble, Stone & Concrete Polishing

Grout Cleaning

Advanced cleaning chewing gum removal system

Advanced cleaning window cleaning systems

Advanced Cleaning Services provides washing services which covers the following:

  • Walls and Fences

  • Driveways & Concrete

  • Garden Furniture

  • Pations & Sidewalks

  • Gutter Cleaning

  • House Exteriors

  • Drain Cleaning

Advanced cleaning power washing systems

Power Washer Telecopic Pole

Allows for Extended Reach Cleaning Without Needing a Ladder - You Can Clean Up to 3 Storey Buildings | Single Storey Pitched Roofs - While Standing On The Ground!!

Clean Upper Storey Eaves, Gutters, High External Wall Surfaces & Up Under Roofs

Benefits of pressure washer surface cleaners:

  • Huge time savings

  • Easy, effortless work

  • Substantially lower cost

  • Visibly greater cleanliness

  • Universally applicable

  • Use with cold or hot water

  • Circular design allows a zero wall clearance

  • Hover action (cleaner "floats" above the ground)

  • Eliminate streaking and fatigue

Solar Panels cleaning

How much Electricity do Dirty Solar Panels Lose?

Pollution, traffic dust, leaves and even bird droppings contribute to preventing sunlight from reaching the solar cells in your solar panels.
The more dirt – the lower amount of electricity they will produce. While many factors affect how much electricity your solar panels will produce – dirty solar panels can be one of the biggest, and easiest to fix.

Experts agree that dirty solar panels don't produce as much power as clean panels. That loss may range as high as 25% in some areas according to the National Renewable Energy laboratory. Individual dealers have reported losses as high as 30% for some customers who failed to ever clean their panels.

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

 Professional Carpet Cleaning

We are professionally trained and industry accredited technicians, which means that your precious carpets and upholstery are in safe hands.

 Safe Carpet Cleaning

We are professionally trained and industry accredited technicians, which means that your precious carpets and upholstery are in safe hands.

Spots & Stains Removed from Carpets

We are experts at removing spots, stains, chewing gum, dust mites and unpleasant odours caused by biological spillages such as milk, urine, vomit and pet accidents.

Antibacterial Protection for Carpets

Our antibacterial protection helps to combat MRSA and E. Coli.

Anti-Stain Protection for Carpets

Our fabric and fibre protection applied to your cleaned carpets will keep them cleaner for longer.

Thorough Drying of Carpets

Your carpets are left clean, dry, de-odorised and ready-to-walk-on in as short a time as possible.

Upholstery Cleaning

The benefits of the advanced upholstery cleaning systems:

Increased life expectancy

Professional cleaning eliminates many of the problems that may lead to upholstery furnishings needing to be replaced before their time.

Stain Removal

Our professional cleaning aims to remove the most stubborn stains.

A more hygienic environment

We remove dust and accumulated debris that seems to get into every nook and cranny of your upholstery.

Improved appearance

Even the oldest upholstery can look as good new following professional cleaning.

Elimination of mites and bacteria

Reducing the risk of allergies, mould and many other potential problems.


Most odours can be eliminated by professional cleaning and Advanced Cleaning offer specialist treatments to ensure fresh, clean upholstery.

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